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WIJS - 4th generation of jackpots, principle

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WIJS - Income Jackpot System of 4th generation

For Microsoft Windows operation systems

  • allows connection to any AWP type approved for operation on the territory of the Czech Republic, including multiplayer roulettes, credit and bar AWP
  • the number of connected AWPs can be increased or decreased
  • protected against misuse by multilevel safeguarding HW and SW
  • existence of a convenient method of maintaining or increasing yield in periods of low attendance
  • allows presetting of starting and maximum value of JACKPOT (within law limits)
  • selectable operating modes - optimization for gambling-house
  • quick adjustment of software to all legislation changes and customer requirements
  • matchless feature - growth rate of Jackpot depends on real occupancy of every AWP
  • any number of displays of various types and light intensities can be connected
  • number of AWP in the system can be in the range between 4 and 250
  • perfect overview of occupancy during day, week, or month
  • opening times of gambling-house can be optimized using data archived in control PC
  • readings of mechanical counters of AWPs from all your gambling-houses can be sent to your company residence place at intervals selected by you (very operative control of revenue)
  • detailed statistics
  • extended information on operation
  • unlimited archives of activities,events, statistics...
  • increased data safety
  • remote access via internet
  • supervision over WIJS from another computer in local network
  • optional extension modules: more accounting, gongs...
  • new, well-arranged graphics environment
INCOME, spol. s r. o.