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Internet supervision of Income Jackpots, description

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INCOME, spol. s r. o.
Mukařovského 1985/5
155 00 Praha 5
tel.: +420 251 116 000
fax: +420 251 116 020

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Income JackWeb — web supervision over jackpot systems of Income company

For browsers Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 and higher

Aren’t you present in your gambling-house? Do you need to get fresh data? We have a product for you: your arcades in your web browser.

  • Continuous accessability any time any place — just connect yourself to internet
  • Monitoring all your arcades or casinos same time from single screen
  • Unified access to several versions of jackpot systems

Safety at all levels
  • Standardised encoded communication via SSL between web browser and JackWeb
  • Standardised encoded communication between subsystems of JackWeb
  • Standardised encoded communication with database
  • Own encoded communication between subsystems of JackWeb and jackpot systems
  • Encoded configuration files
  • No data are saved, unless you explicitly use data export facilities

User friendly arrangement
  • Use of web browser — a tool you are accustomed to
  • Function set corresponds to menu "Overviews" in Jackpot system client
  • Structure of obtained data corresponds to the structure returned by Jackpot system client

Added value
  • Data exports to Microsoft Excel format — data can be used for further calculations
  • Data exports to HTML format — work also as print reports
  • Sorting of displayed data
  • Filtering of displayed data
  • Optimization of costs for phone connection with arcades

Flexibility and extensibility
  • Various application levels and trade models, including the possibility of having the web system operated by Income company itself
  • Various configuration depths — ranging from the possibility to see all your arcades under single login up to the option of entering all data manually
  • Assigning rights and limitation
  • Planned future addition of new functions including ability to administer the jackpot systems

Do not forget to view our on-line JackWeb demo!
INCOME, spol. s r. o.