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INCOME, spol. s r. o.
Mukařovského 1985/5
155 00 Praha 5
tel.: +420 251 116 000
fax: +420 251 116 020

description of display

Display Bow Heaven

One-side indoor display

dimensions of one-side display: 2300 x 800 x 210 mm

selectably fitted with segment or indoor matrix display

stainless steel frame is fitted with light emitting diodes (LED) of blue or white colour<

Segment displays

red segment red
CZK 79,000
yellow segment yellow
CZK 81,000
green segment green
CZK 82,000
blue segment blue
CZK 84,000

Matrix displays

three-colour matrix three-colour
CZK 96,000

Prices are without VAT

INCOME, spol. s r. o.