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ICS - Loyalty system

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INCOME, spol. s r. o.
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system description

ICS – Loyalty system on AWP for important players

The whole device works as a superstructure of Income Jackpot System. It interconnects individual AWPs in the arcade but also entire arcades into one database. That database collects data on activities of players who obtained from you loyalty cards against their registration.

It is easy. Before starting to play, the player inserts his chip card in the card reader mounted on each AWP. The system recognizes the card and displays player’s nick-name, selected by him at time of registration, as well as his current number of points he has accumulated during the time spent in playing on your machines. During the play new points are added to player’s account. You can individually set the rate of growing for each AWP and give this way certain machines preference. It is also your choice to set a limit of obtained points entitling the player for a certain reward or bonus. All data on player visit times, duration of play, deposits and payouts, collected by the system, are saved in a PC database in your office. Jackpot servers in arcades take care of feeding data to that central computer giving you any time a perfect overview of the strength of players, periods of their playing as well as in which of your arcades they are currently present.

Card reader CZK   8,800
Terminal CZK 19,000
Control software CZK 29,000
Database SW + 30 card FREE
INCOME, spol. s r. o.