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INCOME, spol. s r. o.
Mukařovského 1985/5
155 00 Praha 5
tel.: +420 251 116 000
fax: +420 251 116 020

description of display


fancy marquise that nobody can miss

dimensions: 1980 x 320 x 770 mm

the marquise is illuminated from bottom with continuously changing colour background

display can be replaced by transparency

transparencies can be designed and produced on request

Price is calculated according to specific demand

outdoor display red + 3 x effect stainless steel frame CZK 134,200
stainless steel frame CZK 114,000

Segment type outdoor A-LED displays

red A-LED red
yellow A-LED yellow
green A-LED green
blue A-LED blue
white A-LED white

Matrix outdoor displays

red matrix red
INCOME, spol. s r. o.