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INCOME, spol. s r. o.
Mukařovského 1985/5
155 00 Praha 5
tel.: +420 251 116 000
fax: +420 251 116 020

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System comprises control unit (server), collection units (cells) with interconnecting cables and  any number of displays. Server screen, as well as all connected displays, show the current value of Jackpot. In addition, activities of individual AWPs are displayed here. The cells are installed inside AWPs. The connection between cells and the server is via bus interconnecting all elements of Jackpot system in a chain arrangement. The connection is encoded and permanently verified. Each machine is equipped with a beacon and a siren signalling jackpot win. The cell is capable of collecting data from any AWP type while its connection and assembly is type specific.

INCOME, spol. s r. o.